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ur passion for cake-making was embedded in our childhood. Coming from a traditional Armenian background, our mum, Nimfa, has followed the traditions of baking Armenian cakes and sweets which was, and still is one of her many talents. For New Year and Christmas celebrations (Christmas is celebrated on the 6th January so it comes after New Year celebrations) cake making started weeks before, always aiming for at least 5 different cakes and sweet treats baked and decorated, ready for family and friends to enjoy. Our mum always was surrounded by double-trouble (us) and our older sister fighting to win the rights of tasting the freshly baked cakes first.

s we grew up, the responsibilities also increased, from pouring the right amount of vanilla extract into the mix to measuring right amounts of sugar and butter for the cakes. Eventually we took over decorating the cakes, piping intricate flowers, covering the cake with chocolate ganache and thinly sliced walnuts.
Arsen and Artak cake makers in Brentwood, Esssex

t is safe to say that we have been creating cakes since the 1980s. Later on when we moved to England, we brought with us our mum’s old recipe book based on which we started making cakes for friends.

The very first Cake Art was made for a friend’s birthday, in the exact replica of his villa in South of France. The cake was complete with swimming pool filled with blueberry jelly, coconut cypress trees and marzipan terracotta roof tiles.

Our expertise has now developed into cake designing and sculpting, with our focus set firmly on our customers. Through our creativity and imaginative nature, we not only bake scrumptious cakes, but also decorate them as “art projects”, hence the name – Torte Cake Art

Mum's recipe book


Thank you so much for the delicious birthday cupcakes. They were not only beautiful to look at but amazing to taste. The Tiffany style design is amazing and I love chocolate but with the butter cream topping and raspberry centre it was heaven
Not only are they comparable to the sculptural works of the ancient great masters, they explode in a frenzy of deliciousness - tantalizing the palate as well as the eye. Whimsical - yet food for serious celebration
Wasfi Kani
I requested a birthday cake shaped like a boxing glove, and 3 days later an amazing red creation arrived - complete with my son's name on what looked very much like black leather. His favourite bit was the stitching. After we'd admired and photographed it, it didn't last long. One of his mates had 4 slices.... Definitely his best birthday cake EVER!
Iain Burnside
Musician and Broadcaster