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The Progress of Love Wedding Cake flowers design

Progress of Love

The Progress of Love is a series of four paintings covering the walls of one of the two salons in the chateau of Louveciennes. Firstly, it has been remodelled for Madame Du Barry, Louis XV’s mistress, in the early 1770s. Then, Madame du Berry commissioned the four canvasses for her salon. Only the social elites of the king’s court could enter the pavilion. Fragonard’s paintings decorated her new salon only a short time, after a while they eventually ended up in the Frick Museum in New York City.
The Progress of Love presumably follows a chronological order of the stages of love and relationships. The correct order is not really known. However, it is widely accepted that it starts with The Pursuit, followed by The Meeting, The Lover Crowned, and The Love Letters.

Hence, this story and the paintings inspired us to create this iconic wedding cake, which is complete with the ornate frames and intricate decoration details. Similar colours and finishing touches decorated Madame du Berry’s salon. Uniquely shaped tiers make this cake, so making viewers fall in love with our luxurious wedding cake – “The Progress of Love”.

Subsequently, this cake won an award in 2017, Cake International competition in London Alexandra Palace.

This cake can have various sponge types and fillings including all sponge flavours. Cream fillings include chocolate, vanilla butter cream, crème patisserie, jams, fresh seasonal fruits and fruit flavoured cream mixes. For more information on our flavours, please click here.


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